Welcome to our world of Standard Gauge Light Railway modelling in 7mm scale (1/43).  We are proud to celebrate the work of Colonel Stephens, Britain's premier exponent of light railways.  We manufacture a range of etched brass kits depicting the locomotives and rolling stock that ran on his railways, all of which were acquired second-hand and thanks to his prudent management remained in service long into their dotage.

We hope that modellers will enjoy these attractive and unusual prototypes and discover the delights of light railway modelling.  As the Colonel himself said, "I don't make a lot of money out of my railways, but I do have a lot of fun".

SE&CR P class 0-6-0T Etched brass kit £120
East Kent Railway ex-LC&DR 6-wheel Brake/3rd coach Etched brass kit £60
Kent & East Sussex Railway ex-LSWR Brake/3rd coach Etched brass kit £60
East Kent Railway ex-CLC 4-wheel First class coach Etched brass kit £60
Kent & East Sussex Railway ex-LSWR Royal Saloon coach Etched brass kit £50
Sentinel 0-4-0T "Gervase" Etched brass kit £90
North Sunderland Railway 0-4-0 diesel locomotive "The Lady Armstrong" etched brass kit £100
Kent & East Sussex Railway ex-GER Brake/3rd coach No.9 Etched brass kit £50
Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Railway ex-Metropolitan 4-wheel coach No.7 Etched brass kit £60


All our kits are etched from .018" brass and contain a full range of castings, drawings and detailed instructions.  To complete a working model locomotive you will need to provide wheels, motor, gears and couplings.  The coach kits contain an etched brass body and compensated chassis, full glazing, castings, instructions and a detailed interior.  All you need to complete them are wheels and couplings.

South Eastern & Chatham Railway P class 0-6-0T                    £120

Sentinel Vertical-boilered 0-4-0T "Gervase"                                 £90

North Sunderland Railway 0-4-0DM "The Lady Armstrong"      £100

Hunslet Contractors-type 0-6-0ST "Hastings"                                £120

Colonel Stephens Ford petrol railcar set                                      £80

WC&PR Ex-Metropolitan Rly. 4-wheel coach No.7                        £60

K&ESR Ex-LSWR 4-wheel Brake/Third coach                                £60

East Kent Rly. Ex-CLC 4-wheel First class coach No.3                  £60

K&ESR Ex-Great Eastern 4-wheel Brake/Third coach No.9       £50

K&ESR Ex-LSWR 4-wheel Royal Saloon coach No.10                   £50

K&ESR Ex-North London Rly. Passenger Brake Van No.15          £40

K&ESR Ex-CLC 4-wheel Third class coach No.11                             £60

East Kent Rly. Ex-LC&DR 6-wheel Brake/Third coach                    £60

Cleobury Mortimer Lt. Rly. Ex-NLR 4-wheel Composite coach     £60

Cleobury Mortimer ex-North London Rly. 4-wheel coach........Etched brass kit 60
Col. Stephens Ford railcar set under construction.......Etched brass kit £80
K&ESR ex-North London Rly. Passenger Brake Van........Etched brass kit £40
K&ESR ex-Cheshire Lines Third class coach No.11.....Etched brass kit £60
Hunslet 0-6-0ST "Hastings" on the occasion of its first steaming for 56 years....Etched brass kit £120

UK customers should add an extra £5 to the value of their order for etched kits to allow for Recorded Delivery postage.