We'd like to introduce you to the delights of modelling Irish Railways.  In the 19th Century Ireland was part of the British Empire and even today Irish railways still bear some evidence of their British beginnings.  However, almost from the start, Ireland adopted the 5'3" gauge and its railways developed their own distinctive character, in many ways similar, yet in others charmingly different from railways this side of the water.  Our "Irish Gems" range of 7mm scale kits brings to life some delightful Irish locos and rolling stock.  We hope these will be of interest to British modellers in search of attractive and unusual prototypes.  Although these locos and coaches all ran on 5'3" gauge track, the kits have been designed to make them suitable for both 32mm and 36.75mm gauge operation.   

Ex-Timoleague & Courtmacsherry Light Railway Hunslet 0-4-2T "St. Molaga" running as "Lark" on David Holman's lovely Arigna Town layout.


As with our Light Railway series kits, those for our Irish locos and rolling stock are etched from .018" brass and contain all the necessary castings, drawings and detailed instructions.   To complete your loco as a working model you will need to provide wheels, motor, gears and couplings.  The coach kits contain the etches for the vehicle body and compensated underframe plus castings, glazing and (where appropriate) fully detailed interior.  To complete your vehicles you will require wheels and couplings. 

And don't forget that we offer a comprehensive range of trackside and street buidings to complete the authentic Irish scene on your layout.  See the appropriate pages on this site. 

MGWR G2 class 2-4-0 No.659 in CIE livery. Etched brass kit £195

GS&WR Ivatt F6 class 2-4-2T No.33 in CIE livery. Etched brass kit £130

CB&SCR Beyer Peacock B4 class 4-6-0T No.464 in CIE livery. Etched brass kit £150

GNR (Ireland) JT class 2-4-2T No.91 Etched brass kit £130

Hunslet 2-6-0T "Argadeen" Etched brass kit £95

Great Southern & Western Rly. Ivatt F6 class 2-4-2T                         £130

Great Southern & Western Rly. Ivatt J30 class 0-6-0T                       £95

Cork, Bandon & South Coast Rly. Beyer Peacock 4-6-0T                   £150

Great Northern Rly. (Ireland) JT class 2-4-2T                                      £130

Midland Great Western Rly. Atock G2 class 2-4-0 tender loco.        £195

Midland Great Western Rly. Fairbairn "Elf" class 2-2-2ST                  £75

Belfast & County Down Rly. 2-4-0 tender loco "The famous No.6"   £195

Timoleague & Courtmacsherry Lt. Rly. Hunslet 2-6-0T "Argadeen"  £95

Timoleague & Courtmacsherry Lt. Rly. Hunslet 0-4-2T "St. Molaga" £90

Great Southern Rlys. Drewry 4-wheel Petrol Railcar                            £50

MGWR Atock 6-wheel Brake/Third coach                                              £60

MGWR Atock 6-wheel Third class coach                                                £60

MGWR Atock 6-wheel Lavatory Composite coach                                £60

MGWR Cusack 6-wheel First class coach                                              £60

MGWR 4-wheel Parcels Van "The Hearse"                                               £50

Great Northern Rly. (Ireland) Y10 series 4-wheel Motor Car Van        £50

Belfast & County Down Rly. 6-wheel saloon State coach                 £60

CIE Bulleid Triangulated 4-wheel wagon chassis kit                           £15      

MGWR Parcels Van "The Hearse" in CIE livery. Etched brass kit £50

MGWR Atock 6-wheel Brake/Third coach in CIE livery. Etched brass kit £60

B&CDR 6-wheel State coach. Etched brass kit £60

B&CDR Beyer Peacock 2-4-0 "The famous No.6". Etched brass kit £195

GNR (Ireland) Y10 series Motor Car Van. Etched brass kit £50

UK customers should add an extra £5 to the value of their orders for etched kits to allow for Recorded Delivery postage.


E19. SL&NCR Railbus 2A with its baggage trailer at Arigna Town on David Holman's layout..........Kit price £4

These popular card kits supplement our range of etched kits and widen the scope for modellers of Irish railways in both broad and narrow gauges, depicting as they do many of the fascinating curiosities of Irish railway history.  Whist they are initially intended for static display, modellers are ingenious and we've seen many examples motorised and working on their owners' layouts. 

Multi-laminated card rolling stock bodies are extremely strong and durable in service and amply repay the time spent on their construction.  For best results, always use a sharp scalpel, changing the blade as soon as it shows signs of becoming blunt - expect to use up two or three blades during the course of building each body.  Reinforce parts as indicated with stiff card as construction proceeds.  Strengthen the body sides and ends internally with 1mm artists mount board - offcuts of this material can often be obtained from your local picture-framing shop.  


E19   SL&NCR Railbus 2A & baggage trailer                              £4

E33   Iarnrod Eireann (Irish Rail) GM 141 class diesel loco.     £6


E10   County Donegal Rlys.  articulated diesel railcar No.10     £5

E13   County Donegal Rlys. pioneer petrol railcar No.1               £2

E14  County Donegal Rlys. petrol railcar No.3 & trailer No.5    £5

E16   CDRJC petrol railcar No.9 & bogie saloon coach              £5

E18   Lough Swilly Rly.  Hudswell Clarke 4-8-4T                         £5

E20   CDRJC articulated diesel railcars 18 or 20                        £5

E24   CIE (West Clare Rly) articulated diesel railcar                 £5

E25   Clogher Valley Rly. diesel rail tractor & Brake Van         £4

E26   CDRJC articulated diesel railcar No.19                              £5

E28   Listowel & Ballybunion Rly. Lartigue monorail train     £6

E31   Bord na Mona bog train (Loco, 2 wagons & railcar)       £5

E32   Schull & Skibbereen Rly. train (Loco & 3 coaches)       £6

E34   Clonmacnoise & West Offaly Rly. diesel loco & coach  £4

We also produce an extensive range of card rolling stock bdy kits for Irish carriages and wagons on both broad and narrow gauges. 


CC62 GS&WR Butter Van in original livery......... Body kit price £3

Please add an additional 10% (with minimum of £1.50) to the value of your order for card kits to cover the cost of UK postage.