T44 London Transport E/1 tram........ Card kit price £8

Ever since the BRUMTRAMS series of 7mm scale card kits was launched in 1985, the range has found favour with tramway modellers.  The trams are mostly equipped with fully-detailed inteiors and seating and have been designed for motorising for operation on an '0' scale tramway layout.  We use and recommend mechanisms and detailing castings by Terry Russell.  Terry produces a comprehensive range of components and drawings and almost everything you will need to build a working model tramway in 7mm scale.  Terry can be contacted at


T39 London United 'U' class Double-deck tram built by Tony Tieuli..........Kit price £6

T29 Aston steam tram & trailer cars built from our kit by Paul Walker......kit price £6

T19 Glasgow Standard tram built from our kit by Paul Walker.......Kit price £5

T2   Blackpool & Fleetwood box saloon car No.40                             £5

T3   Sunderland 4-wheel double-deck fully enclosed tram             £5

T4   Halifax Corporation Mobile Soup Kitchen Demi-car                  £4

T5   Leeds ex-Southampton 'Bargate' double-deck tram                  £6

T6   Dearne District Light Rly. single-deck 4-wheel saloon tram    £5

T7   Halifax Corporation Cross-bench Demi-Car                                £4

T8   Southampton 'Bargate' double-deck domed-roof tram            £6

T9   Lytham St. Annes ex-DDLR 4-wheel single-deck tram               £5

T10  Blackpool Corporation English Electric locomotive                  £4

T11  Huddersfield Corporation 1904 4-wheel Coal Tram                     £4

T12  Walsall Corporation 'Magrini' 4-wheel double-deck tram         £4

T13  Wolverhampton Corporation single-deck Combination Car    £5

T14  Wolverhampton Corporation double-deck open-top tram        £5

T15  Black Country 'Tividale' 4-wheel single-deck tram                     £4

T16  Blackpool Brush bogie single-deck Railcoach                            £4

T17  Blackpool OMO single-deck tramcar in green & cream             £4

T18  Manchester Corporation bogie single-deck Parcels Tram         £5

T19  Glasgow Standard fully-enclosed Hex-dash 4-wheel tram        £5

T20  Glasgow Cunarder double-deck bogie tram                                £5

T21  Burton & Ashby Light Rly. double-deck open-top tram             £6

T22  Huddersfield Corporation BEC 4-wheel double-deck tram       £5

T24  Liverpool Modernised Priestly 4-wheel double-deck tram        £6

T25  SHMD 'Green Linnet' 4-wheel single-deck Combination Car     £5

T26  Gravesend & Northfleet Tramways One-man Demi-car             £4

T28  Leeds City Tramways Kitson steam tram loco & trailer car     £7

T29  Birmingham & Aston Kitson steam tram loco & trailers         £6

T30  London United S2 class single-deck One-man tram                  £6

T31  'Preston' standard 4-wheel open-top double-deck tram             £6

T35  Bristol Tramways standard 4-wheel open-top tram                    £6

T36  Sheffield 1927 Standard 4-wheel double-deck tram                   £6

T37  Sheffield 1927 Standard tram in later, mainly cream livery       £6

T38  Portstewart Tramway Kitson steam tram loco & trailer             £6

T39  London United 'U' class double-deck bogie tram                         £6

T40  Manchester Corporation standard double-deck bogie tram     £7

T41  German KSW Utility 4-wheel single-deck tram                             £7

T42  London Transport West Ham 4-wheel balcony tram                    £7

T43  Glasgow 'Coronation' double-deck bogie tram                             £7

T44  London Transport E/1 class double-deck bogie tram                  £8

T50  Birmingham Corporation double-deck bogie tram                     £8

T51  Dudley, Sedgley & Wolverhampton steam tram loco & trailer  £8

T52  BET (Dudley & Stourbridge) 'Preston'-type open-top tram         £6           

T40 Manchester Corporation standard double-deck tram built by Craig Farrington..........Kit price £7

T13 Wolverhampton Corporation single-deck Combination Car...........Kit price £5

T35 Bristol standard open-top tram..........Kit price £6

T22 Huddersfield Corporation BEC tram with Wilkinson top deck saloon built by Tony Tieuli..........Kit price £5

T15 Black Country 'Tividale' single-deck tramcar..........Kit price £4

T21 Burton & Ashby tram built from our kit by Paul Walker......kit price £6

T50 Birmingham bogie tram built from our kit by Paul Walker.........Kit price £8

T12 Walsall tram built from our kit by Paul Walker.......Kit price £4

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