A306 Stone-built double-track Engine Shed.........Kit price £8

Since their introduction in 1985 these essential architectural kits have proved immensely popular for '0' scale railway modellers.  Card structure kits readily lend themselves to customising to suit the needs of the individual modeller and many of our buildings contain detailed interiors.

A318 London & North Western Railway Station Building..........Kit price £10

A117 SL&NCR Saxby & Farmer stone-built Signal Box.........Kit price £6

A103  GWR Welford Park Ticket Office                                              £4

A104  GWR Tetbury platform-mounted Signal Box                        £4

A105  GWR Witney platform Waiting Shelter                                  £4

A107  Railway Signal Co. Ventnor West timberSignal Box            £6

A108  County Donegal Rlys. Stranorlar timber Signal Box             £6

A109  Railway Signal Co. Foynes brick-built Signal Box               £6

A110  Great Central Rly. Goods Yard Office & Weighbridge          £4

A111  LSWR Swanwick platform-mounted Signal Box                   £6

A112  GWR Goods Yard Office & Weighbridge                                 £4

A113  Londonderry & Lough Swilly Rly. Signal Box                         £4

A114  GWR standard Ground Frame Hut                                           £3

A116  LB&SCR Saxby & Farmer brick-built Signal Box                 £6

A117  SL&NCR Saxby & Farmer stone-built Sgnal Box                 £6

A120  Single-storey stone-built Crossing Keeper's Cottage        £4

A121  North Eastern Railway small Crossing Gate Lodge             £4

A122  North Eastern Railway Coal Office & Weighbridge            £4

A123  North Eastern Railway stone-built Goods Yard Office       £4

A124  North Eastern Railway Platform Waiting Shelter                £4

A125  Great Northern Rly. (Ireland) standard Signal Cabin         £6

A126  London & North Western Railway Signal Box                     £6

A127  London & North Western Railway Platelayers Cabin         £3

A130  GWR McKenzie & Holland Signal Box                                   £6

A139  Great Northern Rly.(Ireland) Platform Waiting Shelter      £4

A140  Midland Railway Goods Yard Office & Weighbridge          £4

A224  Wayside Halt with Station Cottage & Waiting Shelter     £7

A225  Lineside Factory with Loading Dock (Low-relief)               £6

A226  SL&NCR Glenfarne stone-built Goods Shed                       £7

A233  Stone-built Narrow Gauge Engine Shed                              £8

A303  Southwold/Hemyock Light Railway Station Building       £8

A304  GWR Watlington Station Building                                        £8

A305  Derwent Valley Light Railway Station Building                  £8

A306  Stone-built double-track Engine Shed                                £8

A307  North Eastern Rly. Andrews Crossing Keeper's Cottage    £8

A309  GWR Wallingford single-track brick-built Engine Shed   £10

A310  Colonel Stephens Corrugated iron Station Building         £10

A311  SL&NCR Florencecourt Station Building                              £8

A312  Lynton & Barnstaple Rly. Chelfham Station Building       £8

A313  Cavan & Leitrim Rly. Ballyconnell Station Building          £12

A316  Stone-built single-track Northlight Engine Shed                £12

A317  Great Northern Rly. (Ireland) W.H Mills Station Building  £12

A318  L&NWR modular timber-built Station Building                £10

A321  Lineside Creamery with Loading Dock & Canopy              £10

A323  Stone-built single-track Standard Gauge Engine Shed   £10


A120 Crossing Keepers Cottage.........Kit price £4

A124 North Eastern Railway Platform Waiting Shelter.........Kit price £4

A103 GWR Welfod Park Ticket Office.........Kit price £4

A125 Great Northern Railway (Ireland) standard Signal Cabin.........Kit price £6

Please add an extra 10% (with a minimum of £1.50) to the value of your order for card kits to allow for the cost of UK postage.