A250 The Old Swan Black Country Home-Brew Pub.......Kit price £6

These essential architectural kits have proved immensely popular for creating '0' scale streetscapes on model railway and tramway layouts.  Card structure kits readily lend themselves to customising to suit the needs of the modeller and many of our kits contain detailed interiors.

A212 Motorcycle Showroom.........Kit price £5

A203 "Bottle & Glass" Victorian Black Country pub........Kit price £5

A101  Huddersfield octagonal Tramway waiting shelter                    £4

A102  Jewellers Shop (3-storey brick & timber)                                 £4

A106  Herefordshire Half-timbered cottage                                         £4

A115  "Station Garage" low-relief country garage & filling station  £4

A118  Stone-built Blacksmith's forge and cottage                              £6

A119  Parochial Hall (Rendered & colour-washed, low-relief)           £4

A201  Pair of Victorian low-relief terraced shops                                £5

A202  Traditional Corner Shop (Bakery/Cafe/Model shop)               £5

A203  "Bottle & Glass" Victorian Public House (Half-relief)             £5

A204  Post Office (3-storey brick, low-relief)                                       £5

A205  Post Office (2-storey stone, low-relief)                                      £5

A206  Ironmongers Shop (3-storey brick, low-relief)                         £5

A207  Ironmongers Shop (2-storey stone, low-relief)                         £5

A208  "George Codd" open-fronted Fishmongers (3-storey brick)   £5

A209  "George Codd" open-fronted Fishmongers (2-storey stone)  £5

A210  Pair of brick-built industrial cottages                                        £5

A212  Motorcycle Showroom (2-storey brick with lettered facade)  £5

A214  Municipal 2-track Tram Depot & Offices                                    £12

A215  Backs of Terraced brick cottages (Fits A201& A210)                £6

A219  Small Edwardian Factory & Offices (Low-relief)                       £6

A220  Chemists Shop (3-storey brick, low-relief)                                £5

A221 Chemists Shop (2-storey stone, low-relief)                                 £5

A223  "Tram Car Inn" Edwardian Town Pub with glazed tile facade  £5

A227  "Phelan's Railway Bar" Low-relief 2-storey Irish pub                 £4

A228  Gleeson's Electrical Shop Low-relief 2-storey                            £4

A229  O'Brien's Bakery Low-relief 2-storey, colour-washed                £4 

A230  Irish Post Office (Oifig an Phoist) 2-storey, colour-washed    £4

A231  Hickey's Hardware Store 2-storey, low-relief, colour-washed  £4

A232  Con Dillon's Pub (3-storey, colour-washed, low-relief)             £4

A234  McSweeney's Bicycle Shop (2-storey, loww-relief)                     £4

A235  Ma Murphy's Grocery & Off-Licence (2-storey, low-relief)        £4

A236  O'Riada's Bar (2-storey, colour-washed, low-relief Irish pub)  £4

A237  Keogh's Model Bakery (2-storey colour-washed corner shop)  £6

A238  Medical Hall (Finegan's Pharmacy) + Irish telephone kiosk    £4

A239  O'Shea's Bar (2-storey, colour-washed low-relief Irish Pub)     £4

A240  Eugene's Drinking Emporium (3-storey low-relief Irish Pub)   £4

A250  The Old Swan Inn.  Black Country home-brew pub, low-relief   £6

A251  Riley's Black Country Opticians & Drug Store (Half-relief)        £6

A301  "Jubilee Villas" pair of Victorian terraced houses, low-relief     £6

A308  "Airedale Villas" pair of stone-built terraced houses                 £6

A314  Victorian Flour & Corn Mill (3-storey brick, low-relief)              £10

A315  Stone-built Victorian Warehouse & Loading Dock                     £10

A322  Brick-built Victorian Warehouse & Loading Dock                     £10


A315 Stone-built Victorian Warehouse & Loading Dock........Kit price £10

A219 Small Edwardian Factory & Offices.........Kit price £6

A115 Country Garage & Filling Station...........Kit price £4

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