A feature of the operations on the canals of the Black Country and the Birmingham Canal Navigations was the use of specially designed canal tug boats towing trains of cargo-carrying unpowered 'Joey' boats.  Tugs were generally around 40ft. in length, sometimes having been cut down from full length (70ft.) narrowboats and having only a large engine room plus crew accommodation.  Our 7mm scale range currently features a small number of these vessels, all of which are still in existence, preserved by private owners. 

CN1 Stewarts & Lloyds Black Country canal tug "Bittell" seen at Hawne Basin......... Kit price £4

CN2 British Waterways work boat "Nansen II".......... Ki price £4

CN4 Black Country canal tug "Caggy" climbing the flight of locks towards Brierley Hill with the Red House glassworks cone on the skyline.......... Kit price £4

CN1   Stewarts & Lloyds Black Country canal tug "Bittell"              £4

CN2  British Waterways work boat "Nansen II"                                  £4

CN4  Black Country canal tug "Caggy"                                                 £4

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