CC22 Letterkenny & Burtonport Extn. Rly. Centre-canvas box van. Card kit £3

CC28 Letterkenny & Burtonport Brake/3rd bogie coach No.9. Card kit.........£4

CC9 Letterkenny & Burtonport bogie Fish Van No.89. Card kit........£4

E18 Lough Swilly Hudswell Clarke 4-8-4T. Card kit........£5

Our 7mm scale range of card kits covering Irish Narrow Gauge subjects has been expanded to include our CC Series of rolling stock body kits as an aid to scratch builders.  All are computer designed and laser printed on high quality card and reproduce the full vehicle livery complete with lettering and numbers.  Multi-laminated card rolling stock bodies are extremely strong and durable in service and amply repay the time spent on their construction.  For best results always use a sharp scalpel, changing the blade as soon as it shows signs of getting blunt - expect to use up two or three blades during the course of building each body.  Reinforce parts as indicated with stiff card as constuction proceeds.  Strengthen the body sides and ends internally with 1mm artists' mount board - offcuts of this material can often be obtained from your local picture framing shop.

E10  County Donegal Railways diesel railcar No.10                              £5

E11  County Donegal diesel loco "Phoenix" & bogie coach No.28   £6

E13 County Donegal pioneer petrol railcar No.1                                    £2

E14 County Donegal Drewry railcar No.3 & Trailer No.5                      £5

E16  County Donegal railcar No.9 & bogie saloon coach                    £5

E18  Lough Swilly Railway Hudswell Clarke 4-8-4T                              £5

E20  County Donegal articulated railcars 18 or 20                              £5

E24  CIE (West Clare Railway) articulated diesel railcar                    £5

E25  Clogher Valley Railway diesel rail tractor & brake van              £4

E26  County Donegal articulated railcar No.19 & bogie coach           £5

E28  Listowel & Ballybunion Rly monorail Loco & two coaches       £6

E31  Bord na Mona Irish Bog train (Loco, 2 wagons & railcar)            £5

E32  Schull & Skibbereen Rly. Loco "Kent" & 3 coaches                       £6

E34  Clonmacnoise & West Offaly Rly. diesel loco & coach                 £4

CC9  Letterkenny & Burtonport 19-ton bogie Fish Van No.89              £4

CC10  Lough Swilly Rly. 6-ton Box Van                                                         £3

CC11 Two County Donegal ex-Castlederg open wagons                          £3

CC14 Cavan & Leitrim Brake/Compo bogie coach No.6L                      £4

CC15  Cavan & Leitrim 4-wheel Passenger Brake Van                             £3

CC16  Cavan & Leitrim 5-ton standard Goods Van                                  £3

CC17  County Donegal standard sliding-door Goods Van                      £3

CC21  Lough Swilly Rly.  Centre-canvas Box Van                                        £3

CC22  Letterkenny & Burtonport Centre-Canvas Box Van                      £3

CC23  Lough Swilly Rly. 6-wheel 3rd class coach No.12                         £3

CC24  Letterkenny & Burtonport bogie Brake Van No.7                         £4

CC25  County Donegal 3rd class bogie coach No.16                                 £4

CC26  County Donegal ex-NCC bogie coach No.58                                     £3

CC27  Lough Swilly Centre-canvas Goods Van No.60                               £3

CC28  Letterkenny & Burtonport bogie Brake/3rd coach No.9             £4

CC29  Letterkenny & Burtonport 4-wheel Horsebox No.62                     £3

CC30  Lough Swilly Rly. Brake/3rd bogie coach No.33                            £4

CC31  Lough Swilly Rly. 4-wheel Stores Van No.119                                    £3

CC37 County Donegal Compartment bogie coach No.17                         £4

CC38 County Donegal RailwaysSaloon/Brake coach No.13                      £4

CC39 County Donegal Railways Brake/3rd coach No.47                           £3

CC43 Cavan & Leitrim (ex-Tralee & Dingle) bogie brake van No.22L   £3

CC44 Cavan & Leitrim (ex-T&DR) Composite bogie coach No.21L        £3

CC45 Cavan & Leitrim Bogie coach No.1L (Ballinamore rebuild)            £4

CC46 Cavan & Leitrim Horsebox No.20L                                                        £3

CC47 Cavan & Leitrim Milk Brake Van No.2L                                                £3 

CC48 Two CB&PR open wagons (as running on the Cavan & Leitrim) £3

CC49 Two Cavan & Leitrim 6-ton open wagons                                         £3

CC50 County Donegal Oldbury bogie open wagon No.159                        £3

CC51 Two County Donegal Oldbury 4-wheel open wagons                     £3

CC52 County Donegal covered body for tranship wagon                       £3

CC53 Schull & Skibbereen 1st class 4-wheel coach No.2S (CIE livery)    £3

CC54 Schull & Skibbereen 3rd class 4-wheel coach No.8S (CIE livery)    £3

CC55 Schull & Skibbereen Passenger Brake Van No.54S (CIE livery)       £3

CC56 County Donegal 6-wheel open wagon No.313 (coach conversion)  £3

CC57 County Donegal Bogie Brake/3rd coach No.53                                     £3