ALPHAGRAPHIX FIVE STAR range of 4mm scale Buildings

Our 4mm scale range of streetscape and railway lineside buildings have found favour with '00' railway and tramway modellers since 1985.  Card structure kits readily lend themselves to customising to suit the needs of the modeller.  New low-relief and full-depth kits are frequently being added to the range. 

F532 Mrs. Oakes Edwardian Drapers Shop.........£4
F204 Edwardian Corner Cafe.........£3
F507 Lineside pub "The Railway Bar".........£5
F402 Industrial terrace of four low-relief brick cottages.........£4
F322, F308, F304 & F306 3-storey low-relief Grocers, Chemist, Fishmongers & Post Office........£3 each
F526 GWR Welford Park Ticket Office.......£3
F561 Medical Hall & Telephone Kiosk........£4
F521 LSWR Signal Box........£4
F549 LNWR Platelayers Cabin......£3
F513 Southwold/Hemyock-style Station building,,,,,,,£6
F211 GWR Tetbury Signal Box.......£3
F530 Crossing-keeper's Cottage.....£4
F528 Blacksmith's Forge & Cottage.....£5
F570 GNR (Ireland) W.H. Mills Station Building.......£8
F506 Wayside Halt & Waiting Shelter......£5
F305 Beckindale Post Office......£4
F312 Huddersfield Tram Shelter.......£4
F504 Dromod Station Building........£8
F509 Worcestershire Toll Cottage.......£3
F501 Motorcycle Showroom.......£5

F204    Edwardian Corner Cafe (full-depth building)               £3

F205     Two type K6 Telephone Boxes                                          £3

F211      GWR Tetbury platform-mounted Signal Box                 £3

F302    "The Woolpack Inn"  stone-built country pub               £4

F303     GWR Watlington single-storey Station Building         £4

F304     3-storey brick low-relief Fishmongers Shop                £3

F305     Beckindale stone-built Post Office & Cottage            £5

F306     3-storey brick low-relief Post Office                              £3

F308     3-storey brick low-relief Chemists Shop                      £3

F309     Southdown Bus Garage & Workshop                            £6

F310      Municipal Tram Depot & Office                                      £6

F311       Low-relief Bus & Coach Station                                      £4

F312      Huddersfield Corporation tramway waiting shelter   £4

F313      Country Garage & Filling Station                                   £4

F315       Small Locomotive Shed & Water Tower                        £5

F316      Pair of Gable-End Corner Shops                                      £5

F317      London Transport Tooting Bec Underground station  £4

F318    Temperance Hall & Mechanics Institute                        £5

F319     GWR Fairford stone-built Goods Shed                            £5

F321     Traditional brick & flint Lifeboat Station                      £5        

F322    3-storey low-relief brick Shop "Melias Grocery Store" £3

F323    "Fitzgerald's Bar" 2-storey low-relief Irish Pub              £4

F402    Industrial terrace of four low-relief brick cottages      £4

F403    Wooden-bodied Windmill                                                  £5

F404    Victorian Flour & Corn Mill (3-storey, brick)                 £6

F405    Victorian Warehouse & Loading Dock (3-storey)         £6

F406    "The Crooked House" Black Country tilted pub             £6

F407     "The Old Swan" (Mrs. Pardoe's") home-brew pub          £6

F501     Motorcycle Showroom, 2-storey, half-relief                   £5

F502    Four Black Country Shops, 2-storey, half-relief             £6

F503    "Bottle & Glass" Black Country Pub, half-relief             £5

F504    Dromod brick 2-sorey Station Building & Platform     £8

F505    Crossing-keepers Cottage, 2-storey, stone-built          £4

F506    Wayside Halt with Station Cottage & waiting shelter £5

F507    "The Railway Bar" 2-storey lineside Pub                          £5

F508    Herefordshire timber-framed cottage                            £4

F509    Worcestershire Toll Cottage, 2-storey                             £4

F510     Country Ironmongers Shop, 2-storey, stone-built        £4

F511      Two Irish Shops (Medical Hall & Post Office)                £5

F512     Jewellers Shop 3-storey, brick & timber                        £4

F513     Southwold/Hemyock-style Light Railway Station        £6

F514     Glenfarne stone-built Station & Platform                     £7

F515     Pair of Victorian brick-built terraced Villas                   £6

F516     LB&SCR Isfield Saxby Farmer brick Signal Box            £4

F517     Ventnor West timber-built Signal Box                            £4

F518     County Donegal Stranorlar East Signal Box                  £4

F519     Railway Signal Co. Foynes brick-built Signal Box         £4

F520    GCR Goods Yard Office & Weighbridge                           £4

F521     LSWR platform-mounted Signal Box                               £4

F522    GWR Goods Yard Office & Weighbridge                          £4

F523    Lough Swilly Railway timber-built Signal Box               £3

F524    GWR Standard Ground Frame Hut                                    £3

F525    GWR Witney Platform Waiting Shelter                             £3

F526    GWR (Lambourn Valley) Welford Park Ticket Office       £3

F527    SL&NCR Manorhamilton stone-built Signal Box           £4

F528    Stone-built Blacksmiths Forge & Cottage                      £5

F529    Small Victorian Factory & Offices (low-relief)                £6

F530    Single-storey stone=built Crossing-keepers Cottage    £4

F531     Parochial Hall (Colour-washed, low-relief)                       £4

F532    Mrs. Oakes Edwardian Drapers Shop & house                £4

F533    "Tram Car Inn" Edwardian Town Pub                                  £4

F534    Stone-built, twin-track Engine Shed                                 £6

F535    Lineside Factory with Loading Dock (low-relief)             £6

F536    SL&NCR Glenfarne stone-built Goods Shed                    £6

F537    "Phelan's Railway Bar" low-relief Irish street Pub            £4

F538    "Airedale Villas" pair of stone-built terraced houses     £5

F539    O'Brien's Bakery, 2-storey, colour-washed, low-relief     £4

F540    Irish Post Office (Oifig an Phoist) 2-storey, low=relief   £4

F541     NER Honeypot Lane Crossing Gate Lodge                         £4

F542    NER Coal Office & Weighbridge Cabin                              £4

F543    NER Stone-built Goods Yard Office                                    £4

F544    NER Platform Waiting Shelter                                             £4

F545    Derwent Valley Light Railway Station                                £7

F546    Hickie's Hardware Store, 2-storey, low-relief                    £4

F547    Con Dillon's Pub, 3-storey, colour-washed, low-relief     £4

F548    Gleeson's Electrical Shop, 2-storey, low-relief                 £4

F549    LNWR Brick-built Platelayers Cabin                                   £3    

F550    GWR McKenzie & Holland timber-built Signal Box        £4

F551     Midland Railway Yard Office & Weighbridge                    £4

F552    SL&NCR Florencecourt stone-built Station Building      £7

F553    Colonel Stephens corrugated-iron Station Building       £6

F554    Narrow Gauge stone-built single-track Engine Shed      £5

F555    Great Northern Rly. (Ireland) standard Signal Cabin       £4

F556    LNWR brick-built Signal Box                                                 £4

F557     NER Andrews Crossing-keepers Cottage                            £6

F558    GWR Wallingford single-track Engine Shed                       £6

F559    Stone-built, single-track "Northlight" Engine Shed          £8

F561     Medical Hall (Finnegan's Pharmacy + Irish Phone Box     £4

F562    O'Shea's Bar, 2-storey, low-relief, colour-washed               £4

F563    Eugene's Drinking Emporium (3-storey Irish Pub)            £4

F564    McSweeney's Bicycle Shop 2-storey, low-relief                   £4

F565    Ma Murphy's Grocery & Off-Licence, 2-storey, low-relief   £4

F567    Keogh's Corner Bakery, 2-storey, rendered                           £6

F568   LNWR timber-built modular Station Building                      £7

F569   GNR (Ireland) Platform Waiting Shelter                                 £3

F570   GNR (Ireland) WH Mills Station Building                               £8

F303 GWR Watlington Station Building.......£4
F313 Country Garage & Filling Station......£4
F323 Fitzgerald's Bar......£4
F553 Colonel Stephens Station Building......£6
F302 "The Woolpack Inn".......£4
F545 Derwent Valley Light Railway Station.......£7
F551 Midland Railway Yard Office & Weighbridge........£4
F544 NER Platform Waiting Shelter.........£4
F527 SL&NCR Manorhamilton Signal Box......£4
F568 LNWR Modular Station Building..........£7