Our smaller scale tram kits were introduced as a direct result of the popularity of the BRUMTRAMS range and have established themselves as firm favourites with '00' scale builders.  Whether as static models or in motorised form, they are an asset to any model tramway.

TC2  Blackpool & Fleetwood bogie saloon tram No.40........£3

TC2 Blackpool & Fleetwood bogie saloon tram No.40........£4

TC1   Gateshead single-deck bogie tram                                  £4.00

TC2   Blackpool & Fleetwood bogie saloon tram No.40           £4.00

TC5   London United Tramways 'U' class bogie tram               £4.00

TC8   Blackpool Standard bogie double-deck tram                  £4.00

TC10 Birmingham Corporation standard bogie tram                £4.00

TC11 Rotherham single-ended 4-wheel double-deck tram       £4.00

TC12 Manchester Corporation bogie parcels tram                   £4.00

TC14 Halifax Corporation 4-wheel open-balony tram               £4.00

TC15 Sunderland 4-wheel enclosed double-deck tram             £4.00

TC16 DearneDistrict Light Railway single-deck tram                £4.00

TC17 Southend Pier Railway 1949 motor car & trailer              £4.00

TC18 Metropolitan Elec.Twys. experimental tram "Bluebell"   £4.00

TC19 Birkenhead 4-wheel open-balcony tram                          £4.00

TC20 Blackpool Brush railcoach in 'Kodak' livery                   £4.00

TC21 Ipswich Corporation double-deck open-top tram           £4.00

TC23 Black Country 'Tividale' 4-wheel single-deck tram         £4.00

TC32 Huddersfield Corporation 1904 Coal Tram                      £4.00

TC33 Huddersfield 1902 BEC 4-wheel double-deck tram         £4.00

TC34 Swansea & Mumbles double-deck bogie tramcar           £4.00

TC35 Bristol Standard 4-wheel open-top tram                         £4.00

TC36 Wolverhampton 4-wheel double-deck open-top tram     £4.00

TC37 Wolverhampton 4-wheel single-deck tram                      £4.00

TC38 London Transport West Ham 4-wheel balcony tram       £4.00

TC39 London United Tramways 'T' class bogie tramcar          £4.00

TC40 Glasgow 'Cunarder' double-deck bogie tram                  £4.00

TC41 Glasgow Standard 4-wheel double-deck tram                £4.00

TC42 Blackpool OMO single-deck tram in advert livery          £4.00

TC43 Blackpool OMO single-deck tram in green/cream          £4.00

TC46 Blackpool Brush railcoach in green/cream livery           £4.00

LRV1001 Manchester Metrolink 1st generation artic. tram        £5.00

LRV1005 Croydon Tramlink Bombardier articulated tram         £5.00

LRV1008 Midland Metro 1st generation articulated tram           £5.00

TC28 Rotterdam single-deck bogie tramcar No.535                   £4.00

TC29 RTM (Rotterdam) diesel tramcar 'Reiger'                          £4.00

TC30 Utrecht 6-axle articulated Sneltram No.5004                     £4.00

TC31 NZH (Holland) Beynes 4-wheel tram No.A327                    £4.00